Hate Carbon Pollution? Then Save Old, Big Trees

New Hampshire, where this blog is produced, at 80 percent is the second most forested state in the USA. It’s our most valued save the planet resource. 

Wired magazine’s article Why Old-Growth Trees Are Crucial to Fighting Climate Change by Brooke Jarvis makes the case for saving old growth forests and making sure that forest management now includes climate considerations.  Here are some interesting facts from the article which be either read or listened to:


Only something like half of … 2019 emissions will stay in the atmosphere and continue to make our predicament worse. The rest are obligingly absorbed by forests,…the world’s grasslands, wetlands, soils, and oceans. These natural sinks, as they’re known, remove carbon from the atmosphere and lock it away, protecting us, if only in part, when we fail to protect ourselves.

Young trees sequester carbon faster, packing it on in the vigorous growth of their early years, but they can’t begin to compete with what large trees have been able to build into their trunks and branches through years and years of maturation.

“You can’t sequester a lot of carbon without big trees. You just can’t do it.”– Jim Lutz, a professor of forest ecology at Utah State University,


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