Our Committees

The Sandwich Climate Action Coalition committees are listed below.
If you would like to join a committee, or would like more information
about them, please phone the committee chair directly.

** Committee coordinators are in boldface

Steering Committee:
Katherine Thorndike, Peggy Longley, and Wharton Sinkler.
Oversight of all committees and plan long and short-term goals.

Communications Committee:
M. Longley  (603)284-6294
Manages our website, google group, and letters to local publications.
Works with Education Committee in finding innovative means to build
public awareness on issues related to climate, energy, and land use.
Coordinates with other committees to present public workshops, films, & talks.
Publicizes above-mentioned events.

Political Action Committee:
Katherine Thorndike
(603) 707-7598
This committee keeps us informed of upcoming legislation and notifies Sandwich citizens of ways to influence our representatives.  They set up letter writing campaigns.  They serve as liaisons to other political action groups working to reverse climate change.  Some will attend rallies and other political actions and organize carpools to get there.

Recycling Committee:
Peggy Longley 
(603) 284-6294
This committee partners with surrounding towns to find regional solutions to waste management and recycling. Tamworth Recycle Project will work within our community to learn and share ways of improving our recycling efforts.