Our Policies

We are a grassroots, nonprofit group of private citizens who believe that man-made climate change is a clear and present danger that must be reversed to avoid catastrophic environmental degradation.  We have joined together to mitigate the effects of climate change by raising public awareness, providing suggestions on how individuals can act to help reverse the effects of carbon emissions, and influence government action at various levels.

We are organized into several focus groups related to Political Action, Education, Conservation Liaison, Recycling, Solar, and Communications.  We encourage any concerned local residents  and other towns to join our coalition.

The most important single thing that an individual can do to protect the environment is to VOTE for the right politicians and legislation.

The SCAC will be discussing the risks/benefits of various energy sources such as nuclear, biomass, and utility REC’s vs local & ‘behind the meter’ renewable sources, as well as other societal and technological policies affecting climate change (e.g. population dynamics).  Stay tuned!

Carbon Fee and Dividend:

Some environmental strategists believe that a fee on carbon usage would go far in reducing climate-changing emissions.

The Citizens Climate Lobby is supporting this statewide initiative.  Click here for a summary of the program.  https://citizensclimatelobby.org/basics-carbon-fee-dividend/

Click the links below to view video primers on CF&D…….
1.)  The  Big Picture:  Making Polluters Pay (video) Robert Reich
2.)  It’s Time to Put a Price on Carbon (video)  The Climate Reality Project
3.)  Citizen’s Climate Lobby video on carbon fees:  https://youtu.be/9oyguP4nLv0