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Reference Guide to NH Climate/Energy Groups:


Link to National Advanced Placement Environmental Sciences Course for High School Students

Link to Green Energy Times

The Green Energy Times is published bi-monthly. It is a wonderful publication about energy independence, energy efficiency and sustainable living. Their mission is to create energy awareness, understanding and independence-socially responsible living.  The paper is packed with information about New Hampshire people and companies making a difference and NH incentives for executing changes to energy efficient solutions. Look for Quick Links on the home page and then current & back issues.  (Submitted by K. Thorndike)

Greta Thunberg’s Speech to COPE25:

               (submitted 12/13 by S. Raymond)
Youtube video:

New Hampshire Climate Groups:

Carbon Fee and Dividend:  Some environmental strategists believe that a fee on carbon usage would go far in reducing climate-changing emissions.

The Citizens Climate Lobby is supporting this statewide initiative.  Click here for a summary of the program.

Click the links below to view video primers on CF&D…….
1.)  The  Big Picture:  Making Polluters Pay (video) Robert Reich
2.)  It’s Time to Put a Price on Carbon (video)  The Climate Reality Project
3.)  Citizen’s Climate Lobby video on carbon fees:

Carbon Cash Back Coalition – 3,500 economists have recommended Carbon Cash-Back as the cheapest, most fair approach to reducing carbon pollution.

National Climate Related Websites:

Yale Environmental 360 – One of the best places to read about the latest Journal articles dealing with the Climate and gives links to the Scientific Journals themselves. The whole Publication is devoted to Climate. Energy, Biodiversity, Oceans, Food & Agriculture, Solutions, Cities, Policy – all their headings are related ultimately to the issue of Climate Change.

Drawdown – The world’s leading resource for climate solutions:

Pachamama Alliance – A global community that offers people the chance to learn, connect, engage, travel, and cherish life for the purpose of creating a sustainable future that works for all.

Population Connection – Over population threatens the quality of life for people everywhere.


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