SCAC Accomplishments Through 2022

  1. Established sub-committees, designed website, and formed google membership group.
  2. Sponsored workshop by ‘Button Up’, a nonprofit specializing in teaching homeowners how to improve home energy efficiency.
  3. Drafted and submitted a warrant article specifying aspirational energy reduction goals for the town of Sandwich.  The article was subsequently approved by voters at the 2020 town meeting.
  4. Rewrote the Energy Chapter for the Town of Sandwich Master Plan.
  5. Helped re-establish the Energy Committee to facilitate Energy chapter.
  6. Celebrated Day in 2020 with meeting ‘How Covid Has Taught Us Resilience for Climate Change’.
  7. Sponsored climate-friendly Board of Director candidates to NH Energy Cooperative.
  8. Formed Sandwich Recycling Committee.
  9. Presented community meetings dedicated to home solar installation (via Zoom)

Solar Part I: Off Grid PV Systems: Neighbors Sharing with Neighbors -(zoom).

Solar Part II: Grid-tied Residential Solar Systems -(zoom). Oct. 27, 2021

  1. Drafted and submitted warrant article on Carbon Fee and Dividend to the Town of Sandwich. This article was approved by voters at town meeting in 2022..
  2. Manned climate booth at Tamworth Farmers’ Market.
  3. Organized Electric Vehicle, Tools & Solar Exhibition at Sandwich Town Hall during
    Old Home Week.  Over 90 people attended this event.