Save The World, Speak Up, Word of Mouth Works

The more research we do in posting articles here, the more it becomes apparent we have to change the climate change narrative to catch up with the new reality. We like this phrase from a Wired magazine article:

“If we want to encourage climate-saving behaviors, people need to talk more.”

The article Solar Panels Could Be the Best Fad Ever by Clive Thompson points out how the more neighbors see solar installations nearby the more likely they are to get them too:

Solar, it turns out, is a virus—a good one. Researchers have been documenting this, and it offers some intriguing hope for climate-change mitigation. Now that we know solar uptake has a social spread, we may be able to make it spread faster.

And it is not just families economist Stefano Carattini found that:

“…when farms put up solar arrays, it spreads to other farms, and the same thing happens with corporations. Like attracts like.”

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