Climate Change: What Can We, as Individuals, Do

I had to get pretty far down in this Wired magazine essay We Can’t Tackle Climate Change Without You by Mary Annaïse Heglar to find the answer posed in this post’s headline:

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The one sentence reads:

Yes, it’s true that you can’t solve the climate crisis alone, but it’s even more true that we can’t solve it without you. It’s a team sport.

She adds:

Especially now, at this critical stage, we have to accept we’re all going to have to buckle down for the long haul. Responding to this crisis is going to have to become part of who we are. All the time. Once you understand that, you understand that this isn’t about climate action at all. It’s about climate commitment. Climate action is recycling or going vegan. Climate commitment is bigger. It’s a framework. It’s asking yourself: What can I do next? And always next.


It’s not enough to be right. The facts have been on our side for a very long time, but we’re still losing. Why? Because this isn’t a spelling bee or a standardized test. This is a fight for justice…

Every chance you get. Join something bigger than yourself because this is so much bigger than any of us alone. It’s about all of us, together.

And the keeper line:

The world is not falling apart in front of our eyes so much as it is falling into our hands. What will happen if we’re brave enough to catch the falling pieces?

Interested in joining something bigger, if you live in Sandwich, N.H. or surrounding towns, please reach out to the Sandwich Climate Action Coalition, we will put you on our listserv and provide ways you can help. Contact us here.

Photo provided by Alisdare Hickson from Canterbury, United Kingdom, CC BY-SA 2.0.
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