U.S. Electric Grid Could Be 90% Clean By 2035

A  University of California, Berkeley report argues:

The U.S. can reach 90 percent clean electricity by 2035, dependably and without increasing consumer bills

Dr. Amol Phadke, Senior Scientist and affiliate at UC Berkeley’s Center for Environmental Public Policy, says:

“This is the first report to integrate the latest low prices for renewable energy and storage and shows it is technically and economically feasible to deliver 90 percent carbon-free electricity on the U.S. power grid by 2035.”

David Wooley, Executive Director of the Center, added,

“We’re talking about the ability to achieve near-100 percent clean electricity by 2035, in half the time most people are talking about. This is exciting, because the 2035 timeframe is actually compatible with climate realities.”

However, there is a caveat. Wooley said:

“This outcome isn’t possible without strong policy changes and our hope is this report can help inform the dialogue on federal, state, and corporate policies needed to achieve it.”

Policy changes, the report contends, would have significant economic consequences:

The rapid buildout of additional renewable energy would inject $1.7 trillion of investment into the economy and increase energy sector jobs by up to 530,000 per year through 2035, across all regions of the U.S., without raising consumer bills. Delivering 90 percent clean electricity by 2035 also avoids $1.2 trillion in environmental and health costs through 2050 by reducing damages from air pollution and carbon emissions.

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