Trump and Other Bad News for the Environment

We must keep pressing on even in spit of these rather depressing headlines from Inside Climate News:Inside Climate News

Besieged by Protesters Demanding Racial Justice, Trump Signs Order Waiving Environmental Safeguards

As protests for racial justice roiled the nation, President Trump on Thursday signed his third executive order aimed at speeding up fossil fuel development. With no press and no cameras allowed, there was little fanfare as Trump signed the order, which invoked an “economic emergency” as a reason to waive the enforcement of the nation’s environmental protection rules.

(InsideClimate News)

Fossil Fuel Emissions Push Greenhouse Gas Indicators to Record High in May

The impact of the coronavirus on global emissions doesn’t even appear as a blip on the Keeling Curve—a graph showing the constant rise of carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere which once again spiked to a record high this year. The CO2 concentration during May averaged 417.2 parts per million, the highest monthly total ever recorded.

(InsideClimate News)

Earth Has Hottest May on Record, With 2020 on Track to be One of the Top 10 Warmest Years

The Earth had its hottest May ever last month, continuing an unrelenting climate change trend as 2020 is set to be among the hottest 10 years ever, scientists with the Copernicus Climate Change Service announced on Friday. Federal scientists say 2020 is almost certain to be among the top hottest years on record, and extremely likely to be among the top five.


New Trump Air Rule Will Limit Future Pollution Regulations, Critics Say

The Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday announced a proposal critics say not only restricts the Clean Air Act but will undermine future administrations seeking to reduce air pollution. The proposal changes how the government justifies its own air pollution regulations, limiting how the EPA weighs its cost-benefit analyses when regulating carbon emissions and air pollutants.

(The Hill)

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