Town of Sandwich Revives Energy Committee

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Katherine Thorndike, Energy Committee chair

The Town of Sandwich, N.H., recently revived its Energy Committee as an outgrowth of a warrant article passed in 2019 “to commit to a goal of 100% reliance on renewable sources of electricity by 2030 and for all other energy needs, including heating and transportation, by 2050.”

Its members include: Katherine Thorndike, Chair; Tim Miner, Vice Chair; Wharton Sinkler, Secretary; Hollis Heichemer and Leonard Witt.

Goals under consideration include:

  1. Pursue Cost-Effective Energy Efficiency Projects Early and Often
  2. Transition to Renewable Energy Sources for Electricity
  3. Transition to Clean Energy Transportation and Alternatives
  4. Develop Thermal Energy Alternatives
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