New Name: Sandwich Climate Action Coalition

We are now the Sandwich Climate Action Coalition. When we first found the Sandwich Climate Crisis Coalition, we wanted a name with impact. There is an emergency, a crisis and we from the start wanted to take action locally to do our part to help end the crisis.

Recently we polled our membership about a name change. Part of the argument was:  Using the word “action” might elicit a more positive, more optimistic, can do response. This call to action might draw more interest from and energize more people. What’s become apparent is that we are not just speaking to our own group but time and again we will be addressing a much broader community, and are we not hoping to appeal to as many people as possible, whether it’s  the SandwichBoard, in our local papers, reaching out to our town officials or our state legislators? We think this name sets a more positive tone to move more people in the direction of the change we would like to make.

We polled our members, and they by a significant majority voted for the new name. So it is done, we are from now on the Sandwich Climate Action Coalition (SCAC).

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