Drawdown Conference, Networking Event Jan. 7-9

An upcoming virtual conference sponsored in part by Project Drawdown, from which the Sandwich Climate Action Coalition got its initial inspiration, is set for early January 2021. The international conference in full or part might be of interested to readers here. More about that below.

But first a quick update: There has been a hiatus here at our website because the three members of the Sandwich Climate Action Coalition (SCAC) steering committee were asked by the Sandwich Planning Board to write the first draft of a 2021 update of the Energy Chapter for the Sandwich Master Plan. Peggy Longley, Katherine Thorndike and Leonard Witt did so as Sandwich residents and as an endeavor separate from the SCAC. After some three months of working on the draft via Zoom meetings open to the public, it was completed and submitted in mid-December. Now it will be reviewed and edited by the Planning Board and Select Board with at least one public review before it becomes official.

Now more about the conference. Project Drawdown and National Council for Science and the Environment :

will bring people together from across the globe to share and expand on the latest solutions to the world’s most pressing global challenges. Through intentional virtual conference design, NCSE Drawdown 2021 will offer numerous opportunities for networking, collaborations, and actions for building a pathway to a future with a shared vision for sustainability and regeneration informed by an enduring foundation of science.

The first few days, Jan. 5-7, might be a big wonkish, high level. But the last days from the afternoon of Jan. 7 to Jan. 9 are free thanks to Project Drawdown and might be of most interest to our local climate change, action oriented general public members. Here is what the conference website says:

Share a new solutions-oriented narrative to address global warming through meaningful partnerships between scientists, businesses, policy makers, civil society organizations, and engaged citizens…All are welcome. Open to anyone who wants to explore the linkages between science and solutions for the planet’s most pressing problems. 

Learn more about the conference and registration here.

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