Clean Energy Focus of Biden’s $4 Trillion Infrastructure Plan

The New York Times reports that “climate change has become the centerpiece” of President Biden’s $3 trillion to $4 trillion infrastructure rebuilding plan and no longer a side issue as in the past.

Joe Biden and Barack Obama both in dark suits, holding each other and smiling

Biden’s clean energy plan is more aggressive than Obama’s.

Administration officials say they view averting catastrophic warming and pursuing American dominance of the emerging global industries as inseparable.

The article continues:

accelerating a clean energy transformation underpins nearly every part of the plan, people familiar with it said. It includes building electric power lines that can deliver more renewable energy, building electric vehicle charging stations, capping oil and gas wells to reduce emissions and reclaiming abandoned coal mines. There is money to build a million new affordable, energy-efficient housing units and to make existing structures more energy efficient. Hundreds of billions of dollars would go toward “high-growth industries of the future,” such as advanced battery manufacturing.

Carbon fee and dividend proponents are critical of the proposal, with the Times reporting:

“Biden never made a carbon tax the center of his proposal,” said John Podesta, a former adviser to President Barack Obama on climate change. “I think he believed that the combination of investments and standards with a focus on equity was a winning formula both for the economy and was more politically viable.”

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