Biden, Climate & New Hampshire Initiatives

Learn how the Biden administration’s clean energy, infrastructure and jobs initiatives affect New Hampshire and what can we do to help move the process forward. Watch the YouTube video here. 
Please share with your friends interested in climate issues.
The Sandwich Climate Action Coalition (SCAC) hosted the Biden, Climate and Us Zoom discussion on Monday April 19, 2021 and now the one-hour YouTube video is ready for sharing. The presenters are  Rob WernerNH Director of the League of Conservation Voters, and Brianna Fiorillo, Senior Program Director, Clean Energy NH
Right now New Hampshire’s Gov. Chris Sununu and the Republican majority legislature are slowing progress and the state could be left behind as this inevitable clean energy revolution unfolds. So it will be up to individuals like us to push the issue and, if needed, work to elect more enlightened leadership. 
Please enjoy Earth Day, this year could be one of the most important in slowing global warming and we can be part of making that happen. Thank you so much for the important work each of you do. 
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