Can Planting 1 Trillion Trees Save the World?

Three scientists argue in the New York Times that: Planting Trees Won’t Save the World and Focusing on trees as the big solution to climate change is a dangerous diversion.

Here in their words is what sparked them to write the opinion piece:

At the World Economic Forum last month, President Trump drew applause when he announced the United States would join the forum’s initiative to plant one trillion trees to fight climate change. More applause for the decision followed at his State of the Union speech.

The trillion-tree idea won wide attention last summer after a study published in the journal Science concluded that planting so many trees was “the most effective climate change solution to date.”

If only it were true. But it isn’t. Planting trees would slow down the planet’s warming, but the only thing that will save us and future generations from paying a huge price in dollars, lives and damage to nature is rapid and substantial reductions in carbon emissions from fossil fuels, to net zero by 2050.

The entire opinion piece can be found here. 


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