Amazon’s 100,000 electric delivery vans & employee climate demands

The Sandwich Climate Crisis Coalition has a goal that in some ways is similar to Jeff Bezos’ of Amazon. We both have plans to be replace fossil fuels with renewables by 2030 and reduce greenhouse grasses.

In September 2019, Amazon ordered 100,000 electric delivery vans. The Los Angeles Times reported, CEO Bezos’ goal is to have “100% renewable energy companywide by 2030, a goal the employees’ group has been seeking” The employees, according to the story,  want Amazon “to end its contracts with oil and gas companies”

Of course, Amazon is the epitome of our nation’s consumer mentality run amok. We want instant gratification to get anything, anytime which is the antithesis of slowing down on consumer impulses.

Nonetheless, 100,000 electric powered vehicles will move the needle for both consumer and industrial EVs. Perhaps the bigger story is that employees are pushing their companies to do better. Here is an open letter from the employees posted back in April 2019.

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