Taos, NM can be clean energy model for rural America

Taos, New Mexico is one of more that 150 cities and towns across the USA that have made the pledge to commit to a goal of 100% reliance on renewable sources of electricity by 2030 and for all other energy needs, including heating and transportation, by 2050. It’s the same pledge that Town of Sandwich, NH will be asked to vote on at its March 2020 town meeting.

The pledge though is just the start. Taos sees solar power as the future and has been  getting solar arrays built. Read this opinion piece in the Taos News. Here is the crux of it:

These arrays produce enough electricity to power 8,000 households. An additional 21 megawatts of solar arrays will be built beginning in 2020 and 2021. That will bring the total amount of solar serving Kit Carson members up to 37 MW, enough to power 18,500 households. Add in off-the-grid and behind-the-meter and well over 19,000 north-central New Mexico households will be powered by solar by 2021.

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