Inspiration, Part II: The Drawdown Project

The Drawdown Project helped SCCC steering committee members Katherine Thorndike and Leonard Witt visualize the possibilities for attacking global warming on individual and societal levels.

Its vision statement inspires us most:

Stopping global warming is possible, with solutions that exist today. In order to do this, we must work together to achieve Drawdown, the point when greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere start to decline.

See Drawdown’s list of 100 ways to drawdown or sequester greenhouse gases. You might be surprised by the top 10 methods, including limiting food waste and eating more plant based diets.

The temperate forests, which surround us here in Sandwich, N.H., are important for sequestering greenhouse gases; so, how we manage these resources is vital to ours and our children’s future.

Another way to learn more about the Drawdown Project, is to listen to the Drawdown Agenda podcasts. We recommend listening to Episode 1 first and then Episode 14, each is about 50 minutes long. After that skip around to topics that interest you.



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