EV Global Sales Rose 43% in 2020; Tipping Point Near

The Guardian reports:

Electric vehicles are close to the “tipping point” of rapid mass adoption thanks to the plummeting cost of batteries, experts say.

“Grand Canyon National Park Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: Yavapai Lodge 6654” by Grand Canyon NPS is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Global sales rose 43% in 2020, but even faster growth is anticipated when continuing falls in battery prices bring the price of electric cars dipping below that of equivalent petrol and diesel models, even without subsidies. The latest analyses forecast that to happen some time between 2023 and 2025.

In Norway EVs make up 54% of all new car sales. The article continues that EVs:

…are already cheaper to run, their higher purchase price is a barrier to mass uptake. The other key factor is “range anxiety”, but this week the first factory production began of batteries capable of giving a 200-mile charge in five minutes

BloombergNEF’s analysis predicts lithium-ion battery costs will fall to the extent that electric cars will match the price of petrol and diesel cars by 2023…

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