Meeting Notes

Sandwich Climate Crisis Coalition Meeting Notes
February 12, 2020

Leonard Witt shared announcements and talked about the NH Share-Button Up program that will be held on Tuesday, February 25th, at 6:00 pm at the Benz Center.  SCCC is the main sponsor of this program which will focus on ways to improve the energy efficiency of homes. Leonard passed around a sign up sheet to get volunteers to help with duties for the program.

Other announcements were:
Learn more about Carbon fee and Dividend at the Holderness Library February 20th, 5:30pm
Tamworth Recycling Project meeting Feb 18 at Cook Library
Town Elections March 10 and Town Meeting March 11
Science Pub at Walter Basin on March 10th
Holderness celebrates Earth Day on April 25th

Peggy Longley then gave an update on the Warrant Article and Petition.  We had approximately 97 signatures and turned in the warrant at the end of January.  She will be sending out information to Sandwich Citizens so they will know a bit more about the warrant and hopefully the talking points will answer some of the questions.  She discussed a flyer or posters to hang.

We then passed out postcards to send to people who signed the warrant.  Our message was to encourage folks to come to town meeting to vote in favor of the warrant.  Each person at the meeting did some postcards.

Katherine Thorndike then gave a description of the committees and handed out some questions for each committee to ask themselves.  Leonard, Diana and Peggy also gave descriptions of the committees that they are the coordinators for. The committees then met separately for the remainder of the meeting.

The next meeting of the SCCC will be on Earth Day, April 22, 2020 at 6pm

Sandwich Climate Crisis Coalition Meeting Notes
January 15, 2020

After introductions we moved on to review the Town Warrant Article and our Mission Statement.

Katherine T. talked about the Monday meeting with the Selectboard attended by Leonard and Peggy L.  The Selectboard asked thoughtful questions and the overall feeling was that the introduction of the Warrant to the Selectboard was positive.

Peggy L. then talked about the steps that we can all take to get the Warrant Article passed.  We already have almost 80 signatures. Leonard W. reviewed the list of possible questions that Sandwich residents may ask about the warrant so that SCCC members can answer them before or at the Town Meeting.  Leonard asked that people consider speaking up at the Town meeting in favor of the article. Nancy S. mentioned that she was not aware that the warrant article spoke to all of Sandwich and not just municipal buildings and vehicles.  After discussion, she suggested that an answer to that question might be, “This Warrant is an aspirational goal. No one is required to make changes. It is hoped that citizens of Sandwich pass this Warrant as a sign that we recognize our obligation to preserve our environment for our children and grandchildren and as a sign of our common commitment.”

Will F. from Tamworth spoke about their work on having a large solar array in their town by a private company who is leasing approximately 100 acres in Tamworth.  He stated that it will generate more energy than they need . He offered that we may want to meet with Tamworth representatives to get more information about the possibility of tapping into this source of energy.

Mark L. reviewed the new SCCC website. He asked for input from the attendees at the meeting.  Lots of positive reviews from people who had seen the website. Some thoughtful suggestions were made.  Mark will add a Resources tab to add resources such as Jean K’s booklist, How to contact our state representatives, etc.  We may want to add a place for legislative action (phone calls, letter writing, protests etc.) Mark also asked for help with moderating the website.

It was decided that we did not have time to break into smaller committee groups and would talk as one larger group.  We discussed other topics of interest and how we can work these into the existing groups.

Ellen F. talked about her Tamworth Recycling group.  She hopes that some SCCC members will attend their meeting as regionalization is important.  We can work together to negotiate transfer station contracts and other things that will benefit all our towns.  She talked about the recent difficulties with single stream and how it is going to change significantly and towns will probably have increases in the costs of recycling.

Nancy S invited everyone to attend the February 4th meeting of local Democrats at 6:30pm at the Moultonboro Public Safety building.  You will learn where the primary candidates stand on climate change.

We then talked about actions that the committees might want to take on.  The first is the topic of weatherization. Peggy L. talked about having the Research committee take this topic on and have an event where we share with citizens the various ways to weatherize and the funds available for all with some being income based and others not.  A suggestion that we would narrow down the focus for the month to one topic will be looked at which would give us focus.

The meeting ended at 8:10pm

Next meeting and potluck:  February 12th 6-8:15 pm

Sandwich Climate Crisis Coalition Meeting Notes
December 5, 2019

Twenty local people attended the SCCC potluck and meeting.  Leonard Witt did some introductions and reviewed our Mission Statement.

We reviewed two samples of a Warrant Article that could be presented to the Sandwich Selectboard for the March 2020 Town meeting.  We also reviewed Warrant Article #53 related to climate change passed at the March 2007 Town Meeting. This Warrant Article set up an Energy Committee which did much to reduce the town’s energy costs and use of fossil fuels.  Carl McNall, one of the original members of that Energy Committee, gave a report on the history of that committee.

Leonard sent a survey the week before this meeting to the 53 previous attendees of SCCC about the 2020 proposed warrant article to get some feedback from community members.  He reviewed the results of the survey. There was a discussion about the wording of the warrant. It was decided that a small group would take these suggestions and write a final draft of the warrant article to present to the Selectman’s office for review.

The group then broke into its smaller committees and invited new attendees to join in a committee discussion of interest.  The committee groups were: Education, Communication, Liaison, Legislative and Research.

Following the small group meetings, each group gave a short presentation of their work.

Liaison:  This group is focused on making connections and collaborating with other groups that are also working on the climate change issue. Many levels need to be involved to be successful.  David White reviewed information related to efforts of land conservation by several groups in the area and shared a map of the current areas of land in and out of conservation.

Diana Witt shared the work her group is doing on library outreach.  They are working with several local libraries to have a display of books about climate change available in early to mid 2020.  The liaison group also wants to reach out to local agriculture groups.

Education: Ginger Heard has been working with members of the school board and they are requesting a book about climate change to be available to their teachers.  The principal of Sandwich Central School is looking for someone to talk to the faculty about curriculum and climate change.

Research:  Lisa Heard shared a list of the 10 companies worldwide that have the largest negative impact on the climate.  She suggested SCCC members write letters to these companies.

Peggy Longley shared the research this committee completed on the tasks that the 2007 Sandwich Energy Committee completed during the years of their existence.  She also shared a list of the buildings and land currently owned by the Town of Sandwich.

Legislative:  Katherine Thorndike reported on current legislation at the state level.  HB 735 related to a carbon fee and dividend and HB 617 related to recycling and waste management.  This committee will also be working on local letter writing. They will also look to collaborate with other towns for regional solutions.

Communication:  This committee unveiled their website that is almost ready for launching to the public.  There are still a few things they want to add before sharing the site.

The next Potluck Dinner/Action Meeting the SCCC will be held  6 p.m.Wednesday, January 15, 2020 at the Benz Center.